Unicity compensation

Unicity has Active income and Passive income sources

The success of any franchise depends on the amount of product or services sold through the franchise. As a Unicity franchise partner, you earn income based on the amount of sales generated by you and your franchise team.

  • You retain your status as an active franchise partner by maintaining a minimum of 100PV (Personal Volume) each calendar month to benefit from your network.
  • You will earn ACTIVE INCOME as a result of enrolling partners and selling Unicity products to your customers.
  • You will earn PASSIVE INCOME is a result of your team efforts regardless of your enrolment efforts.

Team building drives both active and passive income.

The ideal structure has 5 legs. Your largest leg is #1

40% of your income should be outside the largest leg.

Second largest leg is #2, all others are in leg #3 #4 & #5.

There is no restrictions on the number of legs you can have.

8 income sources (5 Active & 4 Passive)

1. Retail Profit (approximately 25% markup)

2. Personal monthly rebates

Monthly purchases of 101 PV – 250 PV = 5% rebate.

Monthly purchases over 251 PV = 10% rebate.

3. (FSB) Fast start bonus After you have purchased 500PV in one month, you earn the FSB for any down-line purchasing 500 PV or more in one month. Paid for one month only.

You are paid 20% of the 1st down-line member PV that month.

You are paid 25% of the 2nd down-line member PV that month.

You are paid 30% of the 3rd down-line member PV that month.

And 30% of additional down-line members PV in that month.

4. Franchise network income earned on the combined PV of your network (also known as TV = Total volume).

Your monthly PV exceeds 100 = you earn 3% of your network TV

Your monthly PV exceeds 200 = you earn 5% of your network TV

Franchise income is earned from 5 generations down-line.

5. Director lifestyle bonus.  Anyone with over 1,500 TV and at least 5 active down-line legs. TV (Total Volume of your network).

Director = 250 USD

Senior Director = 500 USD

Executive Director =  750 USD

President Director / Sapphire Director / Ruby Director = 1,000 USD


Passive income sources

6. Infinity Share Bonus (paid at the beginning of the second volume month, see chart at top of this page)

1 to 6 generations below = 5% monthly bonus.

7 to 9 generations below = 3% monthly bonus.

10 to 12 generations below = 1% monthly bonus.

7. President’s Club Bonus

Presidential Director = 10,000 USD

Presidential Sapphire = 20,000 USD

Presidential Ruby = 40,000 USD

Presidential Diamond = 100,000 USD

8. A.F.P. Additional Franchise Position infinity share bonus

9. Chairman’s Club bonus


(Please note that these numbers apply for Unicity Thailand members, values may differ in your country and change without prior notice)

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