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Bios Life C™

Bios Life C™ is an innovative, naturally-based formula containing over 20 substances. Five soluble and insoluble fibers are the foundation of this formula that builds a fiber matrix in the digestive tract. This fiber matrix coats the nutrients of the food and little by little releases these again evenly.

Taken in connection with a healthy diet and sufficient exercise, Bios Life C™ naturally supports the body:

  1. in maintaining healthy LDL and HDL cholesterol levels
  2. by positively influencing blood sugar levels
  3. to maintain a healthy digestive tract
  4. by maintaining healthy intestinal flora
  5. to better utilize important nutrients
  6. to feel fit and energetic every day
  7. by providing a pleasant feeling of satiation when taken before a meal

Bios Life C™ not only provides a valuable contribution to daily health prevention, it also supports maintaining healthy cholesterol levels, which is the most expensive health problem of today’s society. Meanwhile, Bios Life C™ has been able to help millions of people in over 30 countries worldwide to improve their quality of life.

Bios Life – The Start to a New & Healthier Life!

Bios Life C, formally known as Bios Life Complete and Bios Life, is an advanced nutrient and fiber drink mix that is proven to lower cholesterol in four separate ways, with little risk of harmful side effects that plague most statin medications. Additionally, Bios Life C has been clinically proven to help balance blood glucose levels as well as several other essential biological functions.

In 1989, the original product, Bios Life 2, was formulated. However, it is the newest formulation of this drink mix, Bios Life C, that has new and more effective ingredients. According to many users, these characteristics make it one of the most effect natural products for lowering cholesterol levels that is available today.
Bios Life C is currently recommended by thousands of medical and healthcare professionals throughout North America, Europe, and Southeast Asia who are seeking a scientifically-researched, safe and natural solution for patients who desire an alternative to prescription medications. The Physician Desk Reference Guide, the most widely used documentation by physicians throughout the United States now features Bios Life C.

Who Should Use Bios Life C?

Due to Bios Life C’s all-natural properties, many people will benefit from the product with little risk of side effects or complications. According to the manufacturer, individuals that may have a greater need for Bios Life C include those with an elevated risk for heart disease due to family history, lifestyle, or current eating habits, and people with type 1 or type 2 diabetes. Individuals who are searching for a true total health product may find that Bios Life C provides them with all of the benefits of other traditional medications currently available over-the-counter or via prescription.

What Ingredients are in Bios Life C?

Bios Life C is an orange-flavored drink mix that delivers a scientifically-formulated, patented matrix of fibers, including:

  • Gum Arabic
  • Guar gum
  • Pectin
  • Locust bean gum
  • Oat fiber

Other ingredients found in Bios Life C include a mix of antioxidant vitamins C and E, vitamin A, calcium, riboflavin, vitamins B6 and B12, zinc, thiamin, niacin, folic acid, biotin, and selenium. Additionally, Bios Life C contains policosanol from sugar cane, which has been proven to reduce cholesterol produced by the liver, as well as chrysanthemum extract that helps to increase the breakdown of cholesterol and remove it from the patient’s body.

Why is Bios Life C Unique?

Bios Life C contains a patented mixture of five extremely soluble fibers. In order for the fiber matrix to quickly form in a patient’s digestive tract, Bios Life C is made out of a calcium carbonate that forms carbon dioxide once it reacts with the acid in the stomach. The reaction typically causes a bubbling that further enhances the effect that the fiber has on the body’s cholesterol.

Apart from fiber and the product’s three other cholesterol-optimizing ingredients, chrysanthemum morifolium, policosanol, and phytosterols, Bios Life C also contains a patented form of chromium called ChromeMate that increase the body’s sensitivity to insulin, helping patients to further lower their blood glucose levels and assist them in managing diabetes.

Bios Life C has also been the subject of several state-of-the-art clinical studies that have found that the product is effective for patients to lower their LDL, or bad, cholesterol levels, increase their HDL, or good, cholesterol levels, lower their triglycerides, and help to balance their blood sugar levels.

Bios Life® Offers Many Important Health Benefits

Reduces Risk of Cardiovascular Disease
Heart disease is the leading cause of death in the U.S. killing more than 1.3 million people a year. High cholesterol, one of the leading risk indicators of heart disease effects nearly 50% of all Americans. The worst thing is that 70% of American’s don’t know they have high cholesterol and for a full 1/3 their first sign will be a heart attack. Bios Life® is the most effective natural product on the market today for the lowing of bad cholesterol and the raising of good cholesterol. Learn more about the clinical research on Bios Life® and how it can reduce your risk of Heart Disease.

Reduces Risk of Some Forms of Cancer
Cancer is the 2nd leading cause of death in the U.S. claiming 553,091* lives a year. Bios Life® contains antioxidant vitamins C and E, which have been proven to protect cells from free-radical damage. (Free radicals are unstable molecules we all encounter every day that can damage cells and lead to cancer.) Numerous clinical trials also show that diets high in fiber lower the risk of certain cancers, including colorectal, prostate, and breast. Bios Life® contains a patented, scientifically-formulated matrix of fibers that may help reduce cancer risk.

Reduces Risk of Stroke
Stroke is the 3rd leading cause of death in the U.S. taking 167,661* lives a year. Ischemic stroke has the same underlying cause as heart disease. Lowering serum cholesterol, apoprotein B, and triglycerides reduces the risk for ischemic stroke.

Helps Maintain Healthy Blood Glucose Levels
Diabetes is the 6th leading cause of death in the U.S. killing 69,301* people a year. Bios Life® has been clinically proven to lower FPG, PPBG and HbA1c-all markers for risk of complications due to diabetes. Bios Life® has been shown to be a safe, powerful, natural way to help patients better control blood glucose levels-a key to long-term management of diabetes. Learn more about the clinical research on how Bios Life® helps stabilize healthy blood glucose levels.

Reduces Risk of Alzheimer’s Disease
Alzheimer’s disease is the 8th leading cause of death in the U.S. killing 49,558* people a year. Recently, high cholesterol has been indicated as a risk factor for developing Alzheimer’s disease. Bios Life® is clinically proven to lower serum cholesterol and may aid in the prevention of AD.

Helps Digestion, Supports Regularity, and Provides Protective Benefits
Unlike most fiber sources and supplements, Bios Life® provides beneficial amounts of both soluble and insoluble fiber. Soluble fibers support your cardiovascular system and healthy blood-sugar levels, as well as provide other benefits. Insoluble fiber aids with digestion, supports regularity, cleanses the colon, and provides other protective benefits.

Helps Reduce and Maintain Weight
Bios Life® is effective in helping you lose weight. Dietary fiber adds bulk in the diet and can help curb your appetite by giving you a pleasant, full feeling when consumed before meals. It also helps promote lean body mass through an ingredient called ChromeMate®, a unique form of the essential nutrient chromium.

Bios Life Promotes Overall Health and Well-being
Bios Life® provides not only important soluble and insoluble fiber combinations, but it contains antioxidant vitamins C and E and other key nutrients, such as beta-carotene, calcium, zinc, and a complex of B vitamins that promote overall health and well-being.

*National Vital Statistics Report, Vol. 50, No. 15, September 16, 2002

Heart Disease Research on Bios Life®

In a double-blind, placebo-controlled study (link to study listed below) conducted at the highly respected Cleveland Clinic, Bios Life® was clinically proven to lower both LDL cholesterol and triglyceride levels. A recent study in Guam yielded equally impressive results that won the attention of the American Heart Association. The 50-year Framingham Heart Study shows that for every point you lower your cholesterol, you reduce your risk of heart disease by two percent.

Bios Life® holds two patents under the title, “Method and Composition for Reducing Serum Cholesterol Levels” and is clinically proven to lower LDL and triglycerides while increasing HDL.2

In addition to the Cleveland Clinic study that specifically studied the results of patients using Bios Life® there are many other studies that point to a direct link between fiber consumption and heart disease risk. As the American diet deteriorates, fiber consumption continues to fall. In fact, the American Heart Association reports that most of us consume only half the fiber our bodies need daily. The American Heart Association recommends a daily consumption of 25-30 grams of fiber, while the American Dietetic Association recommends 20-35 grams of fiber daily. However, according to the American Dietetic Association, the average American currently consumes only 12-17 grams of fiber each day.

Access the synopsis or the full study conducted by the Cleveland Clinic by clicking on the links below.

In 1985, the New England Journal of Medicine published the Ireland-Boston Diet-Heart Study, the first large study to show the cardiovascular benefit of dietary fiber. The study showed that a diet rich in fiber (defined as 30 grams a day) was associated with a 43 percent reduction in the incidence of myocardial infarction compared to individuals who consumed 6-12 grams per day. Even more remarkable was that this risk reduction was independent of the serum cholesterol. In fact, the authors commented that a diet low in fiber was equivalent to cigarette smoking as a risk factor for coronary artery disease.

According to the American Journal of Cardiology, a supplemental 15 grams of fiber a day may significantly lower cholesterol levels in both men and women.

Bios Life® offers you a convenient way to give your body the beneficial combination of soluble and insoluble fibers it needs each day. When combined with a healthy lifestyle, this extraordinary formula can support healthy cholesterol and blood-sugar levels. It also provides essential vitamins and minerals your body needs daily.

Additional PDF’s on heart disease research for Bios Life Complete:

Diabetes Research on Bios Life®

According to the American Heart Association, some 17 million Americans are afflicted with diabetes, and that number grows rapidly as sedentary lifestyles and convenience-oriented eating habits prevail. Today pharmacy shelves are well stocked with insulin, insulin sensitizers, and glucose desensitizers, all of which play an important role in managing this widespread disease.

However, long-term use of these costly medications can cause a range of harmful conditions including insulin resistance, liver dysfunction, and edema. Even with the assistance of medication, most diabetics will eventually succumb to complications of the disease, such as blindness, nerve damage, and kidney failure.

But recent clinical studies and scientific reviews point to a safe, powerful, natural product that can help patients control blood glucose levels-a key to long-term management of diabetes. Bios Life® is clinically proven to help improve glycemic control, decrease hyperinsulinemia, and lower plasma lipid concentration in patients with Type 2 Diabetes.1 This approach can serve as an effective adjunct and an eventual replacement for prescription medication.

Bios Life® is a natural formulation that protects the body from the damage that can be caused by glucose and insulin spikes by delaying gastric emptying and lowering postprandial blood sugar.2 Simply put, when patients take Bios Life® shortly before a meal, it creates a gel fiber matrix in the stomach. As the gel moves through the intestinal tract, food gets trapped inside it for short periods of time.

This lowers the rate at which food is absorbed, thereby extending the time over which blood-sugar levels rise and fall. With this more gradual process, the average blood-sugar level remains lower throughout the day, stabilizing both blood glucose and insulin at a healthy and acceptable plateau.

Bios Life® is easy to use and safe for long-term usage. It’s simple to incorporate into a daily routine, which can lead to higher compliance. Each serving contains a patented, scientifically-formulated matrix of fibers, vitamins, and anti-oxidants which the body needs daily.


  1. Freed, S. H.; Joffe, D .J. “The Clinical Impact of Fiber Supplementation for the Reduction of Postprandial Blood Glucose and Risk Reduction of Complications from Diabetes.” Diabetes in Control, Issue 15 (1): 12-18 2000 Aug
  2. Bell, D. S. “Importance of postprandial glucose control.” South Med J. 2001 Aug; 94(8):804-9

Bios Life® proved effective in a clinical trial conducted by Independent Certified Diabetes Educators working with Diabetes in Control.com that was presented at the 2001 American Association of Certified Diabetes Educators (AADE) conference.

Results from Fiber Supplementation Study

This independent group studied diabetic patients for three months and gave them Bios Life® twice daily before meals.

  • Average reduction in postprandial 3 blood glucose of 17.2 percent
  • Average reduction of fasting blood glucose of 17 percent
  • Average reduction of total cholesterol of 17 percent
  • Average reduction of HbA1c of 15.2% in the 1st three months of usage. (HbA1c is an indicator of average blood sugar levels.)
  • Average drop in blood pressure of 5 percent
  • Average drop in body weight of 4 percent (8 pounds)
  • Average drop in triglycerides of 42 percent
  • Average increase in HDL cholesterol of 6 percent

When the vascular endpoints are averaged, the study shows an overall reduction in macro vascular endpoints of 18 percent. And it shows an overall reduction of micro vascular endpoints of 17 percent.

To access a copy of this study, go to http://www.diabetesincontrol.com/studies/fiber.shtml

Additional PDF’s on diabetes research for Bios Life Complete:

The Bios Life 100% Money-back Guarantee

If your overall cholesterol count doesn’t improve after taking any Bios Life product for 60 days we’ll gladly refund your money. How can we be so confident? It’s simple. Millions of people around the world have enjoyed the benefits Bios Life offers and we are certain you will enjoy it too.

Disclaimer: These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.
These products are not intended to diagnose, cure, treat, or prevent any disease.

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