Wolfgang’s amazing recovery

My good friend Wolfgang is aged 69. On the outside, everything seems normal for a man aged 69. He is not overweight and doesn’t have any serious medical problems other than Parkinsons (which doesn’t affect the heart).

We have been riding bicycles together regularly since the beginning of 2014. Our rides normally range between 25 to 35 kilometers. In the beginning, Wolfgang was able to keep pace with me. Towards the end of 2014, Wolfgang would have to stop occasionally because of chest pains. Each time we rode, he would have to stop and rest for a few minutes 3-4 times during the ride.

For health reasons, Wolfgang finally stopped riding his bicycle…….I stopped too (not for health reasons, but to concentrate more on my business). In June this year (2015) Wolfgang complained of terrible chest pains (Angina).

I was concerned and advised him to see a doctor immediately. Wolfgang finally did see the doctor who gave him multiple prescription drugs. I was worried that the problem was more serious.

A heart problem does not fix itself or disappear on it’s own. The medication does not cure the problem, it only treats the symptoms and makes Wolfgang feel better. I urged Wolfgang to do some more thorough testing on his heart. Wolfgang was reluctant for his own reasons.

Wolfgang’s situation is not unlike many other friends I am acquainted with.

The first solution that comes to mind is an expensive heart operation. At a private hospital in Thailand, a heart operation can cost approximately 1,500,000 Baht (approx 40,000 Euro). This was not in Wolfgang’s budget. Even if Wolfgang opted to have the operation at a cheaper government hospital, the cost is approximately 200,000-300,000 Baht (5,000-8,000 Euro). This was also not in the budget. Wolfgang is an expatriate. He is retired in Thailand and not beneficiary to medical care in his home country.

I advised Wolfgang to start drinking vegetable juice. The nutrients from vegetable juice would certainly help him. His normal diet of many years was lacking in suitable quantities of vegetables and fruits. The accumulated effect of this poor diet over the years has finally manifested itself.

Approximately a week later, I purchased a large bag of Unicity food supplements. I offered these as a gift to Wolfgang but he refused to accept them. I was shocked and went home with my tail between my legs.

I am not a person to give up easily, so I returned to Wolfgang the next day with a limited selection of Unicity food supplements.

  1. Bios Life C
  2. Cardio Essentials
  3. Chlorophyll powder
  4. Nature’s Tea

I convinced Wolfgang to try these food supplements. He has nothing to lose……if they help him, he will certainly feel better. I waited one week and went to see Wolfgang again. I was shocked at the results!

The previous week:

  1. Wolfgang was unable to walk outside the gate of his house to inspect gardeners that were trimming his hedge.
  2. Wolfgang was sitting in his chair clutching his chest in pain and talking as if were half dead.
  3. Wolfgang’s voice was weak and soft.

1 week later:

  1. Wolfgang was walking around with me without problems.
  2. Wolfgang didn’t have any pain in his chest.
  3. Wolfgang had a strong loud voice and was talking as if he were normal.

I couldn’t believe my eyes. The only difference with Wolfgang between last week and today was that he had used Unicity food supplements everyday. I am sure that Unicity food supplements helped my good friend Wolfgang avoid a heart attack and in the coming year, he might even be able to avoid having to undergo heart surgery.

What is the difference between a heart attack and angina?
Partial narrowing of the artery Partial or total blockage of the artery from a blood clot
No permanent heart muscle damage Permanent damage of the heart muscle, unless the blockage can be removed quickly by “clot-buster” medicine or other means
Lasts one to 10 minutes Lasts at least 20 minutes
Goes away with rest May continue after rest

Does chest pain always mean a heart problem?

Chest pain does not always mean that there is a problem with the heart. Other conditions can be confused with angina. For example:

  • Anxiety and tension are common causes of sharp chest pain, especially in the area under the left breast. These sensations differ from those of angina, which seldom is concentrated in this region. Anxiety-related chest pain may be accompanied by tenderness or made worse by movement.
  • Gallbladder disease or indigestion also can cause pain in the chest, although such pain is associated with food rather than exercise.

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