Video collection

My personal collection of informative health videos. I warn you, after you have watched these, you will have a very different opinion of what food is healthy. If you ask your family doctor for advice on the information offered by these videos, be prepared to be surprised. Doctors spend 11-13 years learning to become a doctor. In all that time, they spend about one week learning about nutrition….so asking a doctor about healthy food recommendations is not going to get you the best answer.

Food that kills is particularly eye-opening. Here is a doctor talking about different foods that are known to kill you………so why would you still eat them if you know they are going to kill you?

Fit in 6 minutes a week is an Australian documentary. It is not 6 minutes but really 20 minutes-a-day, 3 days-a-week. The 6 minutes is derived from working out at 100% effort for total 2 minutes-a-day x 3 days-a-week = 6 minutes. This method can be researched further, just search for HIIT (High intensity interval training).

Forks over Knives is another eye-opening documentary. It shows how your food choices affect your health.

That Sugar film……shows you how addictive sugar is and why you should avoid sugar. Did you know that they even add sugar to milk in Thailand? Full-cream milk has less sugar than the low-fat and non-fat milk…..and condensed milk has up to 47.8% sugar.

Statin Nation…..shows how bad statins really are and why we should avoid them. Unfortunately, statins are the worlds most popular prescribed drug and a multi-billion dollar industry.

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