Network Marketing success stories

Mr. Jimmy Smith used to be a butcher (Age 16 – 56):

Jimmy started in 1989. Eric Worre started in 1988.

From age 62 to 67 Jimmy didn’t earn anything

From age 67 to 74 he earned 2 million USD.

From age 74 to 85 he earned 36.7 million USD.

A retired butcher is able to earn 1,300 million Baht in 11 years! So if you have a better way, he will listen, if not, you better listen to Jimmy. The hardest thing you have to do in this business is to is to talk to people. This business is so simple, it’s scary.

All you have to do is ask prospective business partners these simple questions:

  1. Would you like to be healthy everyday for the rest of your life? Yes or No?

  2. Would you like to be wealthy everyday for the rest of your life? Yes or No?

  3. Could you find 2 people that you really care about that would like to be wealthy and healthy for everyday for the rest of their life? Yes or No?

If they say yes to all these questions, then they qualify for the business. People that make a lot of money usually have great skills. Do you want to hear Jimmy’s skills? You might have the same skills?

  1. Can you walk?

  2. Can you talk?

  3. Can you drink a shake?

  4. Can you swallow a pill?

That’s all he does. Network Marketing is a simple business. Once you understand the numbers, it is mathematically impossible to fail. So why wouldn’t you pursue it if it’s impossible to fail?

Eric Worre interviews Mr. Robert Hollis:

26 years doing NM he has earned 46 million USD. When he first got in, his up-line did everything to keep him away from the people that knew what they were doing. He was going door-to-door trying to sell water filters. Nothing was working. All of a sudden, the up-line said he had to go to an event.

Mr. Achmed Mahad from the Middle East was one of the guys on stage sharing his story. He didn’t speak good English. He had been with the company 6 months, got a 2nd car, building new home, love this company and love this country. He waited for the speaker to come down off stage and ask how he was so successful.

This guy said. You walk up to lots of people and ask them if they want to make a lot of money….yes or no? What if they ask you a question, then you say, “You answer my question first”. You want to make money, yes or no? They say yes, then you tell them your up-line story. You get their number and say they have to meet Jeff so that they can learn about making money. There is no need to reinvent the wheel. He simply copies someone that is successful. It’s okay to learn from other up-lines and other successful companies….even though this is considered taboo.

Conchita Vargas Lugo interview 51 minutes.

Recruited 1,230 members into her network in 5 weeks.

She talked to those in the supermarket fruit-vegetable section..

Ask for some advice on fruits and appreciative and will give a conference on nutrition but don’t know the date. Can I have your telephone number and I will call you and confirm the date. I am always in a rush because everything has to be duplicatable. In 3 months she enrolled 600 people in her home-city. If you speak from your heart, people believe in you. She has personally enrolled more than 2,000 people into her network. Total network members world-wide is 30,000 people. You have to duplicate yourself every 8 days. Her new network members have to be able to recruit within 8 days. She has to teach them how to recruit within 8 days. She is #1 in America and #3 in the world. In 2004 she became sick again. Her organization was very diminished, her income had dropped to a third. She wanted to give something else to her daughter. She doesn’t believe in luck. She told her daughter that she is going to open the north of her country. The day that she retires, she wants to be on her feet. In 2006, I became ill again and it was the hardest, but she went to the ER in a different way. She went to the company’s convention. She didn’t work for more than half the year (she thought she earned almost nothing) she was actually one of the top income earners in her company and 3rd in terms of growth worldwide. She rebuilt her organization 2 times. You have to lead be being a very good example. She is not always a popular leader but a righteous leader. She strives for permanence and not popularity. It really matter for her to be seen and to leave a legacy.

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