Growing your network

 Getting your network started is a full-time job. Working part-time only delays your rewards. You need to start with a bang. Aircraft require full-power to takeoff, the same is required for a successful and large network that pays handsome commissions.

Anyone that wants to make a career in NM  (network marketing), become a student of NM. Entrench yourself in NM. You have to make it the most important thing of your life. You have to talk to people everyday. Treat it like a profession, not a hobby. Have passion and be emotionally involved. Be focused. Successful people’s conversation always goes to NM.

Set your network on fire.

  • Recruit for 3 weeks.
  • Follow up on the last week.
  • Call the bottom members and encourage them to increase their volume to the next level.
  • Then call the ones above them to encourage them to go to the next level with a minimal increase in team volume.

Increase your recruiting efficiency. Stop wasting time on 66% of the prospects. There are only 3 categories of network members:

  1. Consumers (100 PV).
  2. Active sellers (200 PV).
  3. Network builders (500 PV).

Consumers are those that only want to use the products. This group of people are not interested in building a business or growing a network. They are happy with the benefits that Unicity products provide them.

Active sellers are consumers that are willing sell a small volume of the products. They might already have a business that can be supplemented by the sale of Unicity products or they will be selling to friends.

Network builders are the prospects that you should devote the majority of your efforts with. Time spent with this group of people results in the fastest network growth-rate. These people are willing to invest in the business and work with their down-lines.

Screen all your prospects by asking all of them to invest in the 500 PV FSB (Fast Start bonus). Prospects that are willing to spend the money required for the FSB in the first month are showing their determination to invest in a business. These are the only group of  prospects that require your extra efforts to help expand your network at the maximum pace.

You need people that cannot help themselves stop from spreading the word. They have to be totally passionate about your company and your products. You need customer jubilation.

If you want a winning network team:

  1. You have to have the right members and
  2. You have to get the most out of your members.

You have to select the right people, not the best people.

They need to be hungry, hone-able (teachable), honourable.

  • Hungry – they want to want to succeed.
  • Hone-able – they are willing to be taught the system.
  • Honourable – The right people are honourable, they need basic good character….no liars or dishonest people.

The highest paid skill in NM.

Getting people to attend events. Getting the results. Events accomplish more for you than do with your own words. What would it be worth to you for another person to attend your events or be part of your network.

The hardest thing you have to do is to is to talk to people. This business is so simple, it’s scary. All you have to do is ask prospective business partners these simple questions:

  1. Would you like to be healthy everyday for the rest of your life? Yes or No?

  2. Would you like to be wealthy everyday for the rest of your life? Yes or No?

  3. Could you find 2 people that you really care about that would like to be wealthy and healthy for everyday for the rest of their life? Yes or No?

If they say yes to all these questions, then they qualify for the business.

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