How to succeed at network marketing

Notes on how to succeed at network marketing:

Skills required for network marketing:

  1. Selling

    1. Invite people to look. To join or not to join is not important.

    2. Tell them that it is their job to find the opportunities that provide financial security.

    3. Ask them if they have found the opportunity that will provide financial security.

    4. If not – Are they actively looking for this opportunity?

    5. If not – Allow you to give them the best advice. (Your advice to them) If they have not found the opportunity yet, start looking and devote time each week looking.

  2. Recruiting network members

  3. Organization of your network

    1. Make them work together, cooperation is the key to success.

    2. Share testimonials together.

  4. Learning how to promote (recognition)

    1. The company rewards big steps to the members.

    2. You have to reward and recognize the smaller steps of members in your network.

  5. Communications (affect others with your words)

    1. Language creates the miracles of sight, keep in constant contact with your network members.

    2. Your mind provides insight, so choose your words carefully when you write or talk.

The 2 worst things to objections: Try to convince or be defensive.

Learn how to manage objections by managing energy. How you say it is more important than what you say. What energy created the objection? The said objection may not be the real objection.

Your answer to an objection: “NO problem, cool. I get it’s not for everybody….but do you know anyone else that might be interested? ACT UNFAZED and you will blow their mind. Don’t let them see you crumble. Keep your posture. You don’t require the approval of another person to what you are doing.

How to respond to “I don’t have the money” The best way is to tell a story and ask a question. If I didn’t change, my life wouldn’t change. My next 5 years would be exactly the same as the last 5 years. If you looked at your options and you came to a conclusion, you decided that you didn’t like the life you have at this time. Don’t act defensive or act offensive. Let them open up their minds.

If people talk badly about you, don’t react negatively.

  • You don’t need to convert a hater.
  • If someone leaves your organization, be kind to them.
  • Walk away from drama and the need to battle.
  • Focus on the ones that are positive.
  • Focus on taking any kind of criticism to get better.
  • Don’t fall into the trap.
  • Invest in other willing people that want to do what it takes to succeed.

5 Reasons For Network Marketing Failure:
1. Lack Of Belief
To some of you this may sound odd, but let me explain. Quite simply, if you do not believe something is possible, it isn’t.
Well, if you are “trying this business out to see if it works”, it probably won’t. Here’s why: Our minds are very powerful and our beliefs are even more powerful. We subconsciously want to back up our beliefs, so if we don’t really believe in our business or think it will work, it simply won’t.

2. Your Circle of Influence
We all love our friends and family, but unfortunately many of us may have friends and/or family members that aren’t exactly supportive of our business. Either they don’t understand the business, or maybe they simply don’t agree with our decisions. We have to limit or eliminate (depending on the relationship) the time we spend with the more toxic, negative people and decide to surround ourselves with more positive, open-minded and like-minded individuals.

3. Quitting Before Becoming Successful
This one can be extremely frustrating. Again, it goes back to the “trying it out to see if it works” mentality. Hopefully, you did your due diligence when making the decision to embark on a network marketing business. Therefore, you should understand that it isn’t about putting up a website and making millions overnight. If that’s all it took, everyone would be wealthy. There is a learning curve, as well as an investment of your time and money involved, so it is important to be patient.

4. Unwilling To Invest The Time And Money In Yourself And Your Business
Starting your own network marketing business is going to take time and money. I’m not just talking about spending money on the products you’re also selling. I’m referring to spending money on the expenses necessary to start a business, as well as your marketing education. This is a new experience for most people who get started and therefore, there is much to learn. There are many skills that must be acquired and it is important that you are willing to invest both your time and money into acquiring those skills.

5. Not Applying Your Skills And Doing The Work
The best analogy I can give for this one is this: If you buy a treadmill or a gym membership, but then hardly ever use it, do you think you are going to get any results? Of course not. Similarly, if you learn a whole bunch of new skills, but then never apply them to your business, do you think you will be successful?

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